Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Royal BC Museum

My Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea membership netted me a 20% entry discount off the $26.95 adult admission charge so I paid $21.56. I ask if there are any tours available and sign up for a free 45 minute  "Behind the Scenes: Butterflies and more" tour. I've got half an hour to spare so I grab a coffee and a breakfast sandwich from Sequoia Coastal Coffee kiosk in the Clifford Carl Hall.
Two volunteer tour guides take our small group up to the entomology department in the Fannin Building. We learn about the history of the department and its focus on BC species of insects and arachnids. Many volunteers, with backgrounds in the field, work on cataloging and updating the collection.
After the tour, I visit the Natural History exhibits which focus on BC wildlife of the past and present, including the mammoth, seen here, and a tidal pool with living creatures.
Next I take in the Becoming BC Gallery that traces the history of the province from the arrival of the first Europeans. Seen here is a mock-up of an early salmon canning plant.
There is a lot more to see but I've reached my capacity to take any more in so I'll pay a return visit in the near future.

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