Thursday, September 27, 2018

Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park

Making the most of a warm, sunny September day, we packed a picnic lunch and our two Brompton bikes into our smartcar and headed south about 16 km to Elk/Beaver Regional Park. The park is home to the Victoria City Rowing Club and we see various craft out on the water.
Confused by the map and signage, we cycled about 10k around the lakes using some trails that were not designated for cycling. There were many dog walkers and hikers on the paths and no one seemed bothered by the fact that technically speaking, we shouldn't have been there on bikes. We were careful not to inconvenience other park users and I walked my bike in some sections where the path was narrow with rougher terrain.
It's a great location for walking but the bike portion of the trail is only 5km so we'll seek out other local spots for longer cycle rides.

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