Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Murchie's Fine Tea and Coffee

The history of European settlement on Vancouver Island is not a deep one. With Victoria as its capital, Vancouver Island became a British Crown Colony in 1849. By 1871, Victoria's population had grown to 3,630.
John Murchie started working for Melrose of Scotland tea merchants as a young lad. After immigrating to Canada, he started his own company in New Westminster, BC in 1894 making it one of Canada's oldest brands. Murchie's special tea blends and Arabica coffees established their reputation for excellence. All nine shops are in BC but their products are more widely available.
In 1985 they relocated their Victoria store to this flagship location at 110 Government Street. One side is a cafe and the other side a shop that sells tea, coffee and assorted paraphernalia. They have a spectacular array of pastries and cakes. At the counter I ask, "What are you best known for?" Both servers reply, "Our scones".  I order a black currant scone and pomegranate rooibos tea. The scone arrives warmed with cream and jam on the side, a steal at $5.95. Highly recommended.
Out front a chalk artist is creating optical illusion art and you can see this tourist having his photo taken while "standing on top of an eyeball".

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