Saturday, July 14, 2018

You Couldn't Make This Up! #1

I made mushroom & herb omelets for lunch and found that we were nearly out of eggs. Knowing that many people keep a few chickens in this part of the world, I asked for recommendations on the Facebook buy & sell group. The first person that replied said she had two dozen for sale at $5 per box. I messaged her back to make arrangements to pick them up. Turns out she was just about to ride into town so offered to drop by the house. Perfect, I thought.

About 20 minutes later she pulls into my driveway in a British sports car convertible, driven by her husband who is our local town councilor, certifiable car nut, and organizer of the Torque Master Car Club's Auto Extravaganza Car Show. Hubby was in his glory.

Oh, and the eggs are from heritage breed chickens.

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