Thursday, July 26, 2018

McGavin's Bread Basket

 As always with shopping, you have to know your prices to get the best deals. We were accustomed to sourcing bargains at Weston Bakery Outlet in Etobicoke, which has recently closed. The nearest thing I've found on the peninsula is McGavin's Bread Basket at 770 Bay Street, in Victoria.

You'd have to really do a major shop to make it worthwhile driving there from Sidney, but combining it with other errands makes sense. Just like at Weston Bakery, the selection can vary quite a bit from day to day. We score Dempsters 100% Whole Grain loaves, some light rye and packages of 24 whole wheat thin buns for $1.64 each. When you buy ten items you get one free and I also got a loyalty card stamped

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