Saturday, July 14, 2018

Yard Saling (sic)

I gathered up 6 notices about Yard Sales happening today, we mapped out a route and set off just before 9 o'clock. I'm a big Pyrex and Corelle collector and hit the jackpot with Crazy Daisy pattern bowls and plates at an estate sale where brother and sister were dealing with their mother's worldly goods and their own grief. 

At another stop, I score a gardening reference book and a delightful cup of apple cinnamon iced tea poured by a charming four-year-old. Luckily we also stumbled upon an additional 3 Targets Of Opportunity (TOO) which netted us a plant for the garden, a ratcheting wrench (aka a rat), an apple pie and freshly picked raspberries.

All this and home for tea by 11 a.m., gotta love it!

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