Thursday, July 5, 2018


It's been many years since we've lived in a house and condo living had accustomed to putting out our refuse whenever we wanted. Finding no trash cans or bins on our property, we were a bit flummoxed about where to start. A quick visit to the Town of Sidney office armed us with various lists and schedules,  a blue box and some blue bags.

Here in Sidney, recycling is not so simple as putting out a blue box with paper, plastics, and glass all jumbled together. Paper goods, including cardboard, go out in large, sturdy blue carrier bags. Like the blue bins, these are returned to you for reuse. Glass must be put in a separate and labeled bin. Cans and plastics go in a third container. But that's just recycling! 

Garbage gets collected on a different day and yard waste gets picked up once a month. We purchased a garbage can at Home Hardware.  Instead of using a green bin, we've opted to feed our kitchen scraps to a behemoth Sun-Mar rotating 300-litre composter.  To recap there are six different categories of waste that get picked up on three different days. My fail-safe method is to copy my neighbours do.

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